Boba Nutrition Tumbler Cup*

Drink out of one our leak-proof cups. Ready to go anywhere on the Road

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Product Description
  • • Perfect For Pearls:Tested & made use with Tapioca Pearls and fits through the straw perfectly
  • • Leak Proof Lid: This comes with a leakproof lid to ensure no accidents occur once straw is removed. Carry around your Boba Nutrition Bubble Tea for the world to see 
  • • See Through & Sturdy: Perfect for every occasion and for you to show off your Boba Nutrition protein to the world. Made of sturdy plastic to endure the small bumps and drops that occur
  • • Reusable Straw: Allows you to keep using the same draw so that you don't have to worry about get a new one each time or wasting extra plastic
  • • Easy Clean Kit: Comes with a straw cleaner
  • • Size: 700mL

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Love it !

Ube is my most favorite flavor for any dessert and the typical boba drinks is illegal for a person with insulin resistance like me . This protein mix ube flavor is the best ; i can’t taste the difference with a regular ube flavored drinks . I mix it with coconut milk and voila , i have the best sugar free ube ice cream!

Marnelli Hamilton

I love boba tea, but can't handle the sugar.

This taro milk tea fits in my macros and satisfies the craving for boba tea. This is MY DRINK going into the summer months!

Ash W
Tasty Taro

I have tried a fair amount of protein powders. I’m also a lover of bubble tea so this seemed like a no brainer. Now, I will say I always blend my powder in a blender not blender bottle. Some can still have a chalky texture but this one does not at all. It’s very filling and I haven’t been heavily bloated like some powders have made me. I sometimes add some homemade cashew milk for an even creamier treat and it truly feels like just that, a treat. It is a sweeter taro than most tea I have tried, but not overwhelmingly so. I am excited to also try the Thai. My husband also loves this and is glad I got more than one bag. Winner in our house!

Steve Kim
FINALLY!!! A Boba Taro version that's Whey Protein!

This is my second time ordering and enjoying Boba Nutrition's whey protein powder in the Taro flavor. I've always enjoyed the traditional bubble or Boba tea drinks, especially the Taro flavor. But the fact it has a very high sugar content was too much for me, especially being in my late 40s and just recently weight training and working out. Now that's there is a healthier version that tastes almost virtually the same, with 27g of protein, I'm hooked. Will definitely order more.

Sandy Vu
Family Favorite

This Protein Powder tastes Amazing! The Taro flavor tastes like to Bubble Teas but without the fake artificial taste. This is how the Go To Protein Powder for the whole family since my kids love it so much!

Lisa P
Delicious flavor

This was my first experience with Taro flavor. LOVED it! It was so refreshing after my workout. Felt like a guilty pleasure without being actually being one! Very pleased.

Kelsey Potter
Bodybuilder Approved Macros & Ingredients

First of all I’m a celiac bodybuilder so, my diet is pretty restrictive. But, the macros and ingredients on the Taro flavor are fantastic (my coach approaches it)! I just got my first bag and can I just say this scratched my boba itch. It is a little sweeter (you can taste the monk fruit but I don’t mind it) than I prefer but it’s not chalky and it tastes like Taro! I added some to plain nonfat greek yogurt with a little peanut butter and a pinch of salt - then stuck it in the freezer for an hour (trust the process). BOOM! Taro protein frozen yogurt!!! Anyway, long story short - I have two more bags of Taro coming to me. This will now be my personality & I will be trying more flavors 🥰


As someone who consumes 140+ grams of protein a day, it’s important to find a powder that tastes good. I’ve found a few good ones, but nothing like this! Not only is it extremely low in calories, (124 cal) and even higher than most protein powders for protein (27g), but it mixes with my almond milk so well that I can’t help but chug the whole thing upon taking the first sip 😅 I got the Taro one and I’ll be going right after this review to try another flavor. I’ve even put it in my smoothies, and protein pancakes. I’m obsessed with it! 1000% recommend!

Taro boba taste to a T!

This is my favorite flavor thus far! Love the clean ingredients! It mixes very well, doesn't have an aftertaste, and the texture is great. The best of all, the flavor is all there, and it tastes exactly like the ones at the boba shops! I truly enjoy drinking this, and I drink it every single day! The packaging could be better; the ziplock part came off after 2 weeks. I also enjoy the taro with matcha, coffee, brown sugar, strawberry or with milk tea. Soo delicious!

Alexandra Neubauer
Great Product

I love the Taro Boba Nutrition. This is a delicious protein drink. I tried it with milk. It is not too thick or powdery. I will definitely be continue purchasing this product. Well worth the money.

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