Free Boba Nutrition Tumbler Cup

Product Description
  • • Perfect For Pearls:Tested & made use with Tapioca Pearls and fits through the straw perfectly
  • • Leak Proof Lid: This comes with a leakproof lid to ensure no accidents occur once straw is removed. Carry around your Boba Nutrition Bubble Tea for the world to see 
  • • See Through & Sturdy: Perfect for every occasion and for you to show off your Boba Nutrition protein to the world. Made of sturdy plastic to endure the small bumps and drops that occur
  • • Reusable Straw: Allows you to keep using the same draw so that you don't have to worry about get a new one each time or wasting extra plastic
  • • Easy Clean Kit: Comes with a straw cleaner
  • • Size: 700mL

Customer Reviews

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Boba tumbler cup

I love this cup! It's the perfect size and I use it almost every day

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As most of us are getting older, we realize the importance of taking care of our health. This is why we created this product so we can take care of ourselves and our bodies

No it does not. We have Raw Tapioca Pearls for sale which are the original. We will work on a healthier option in the near future.

According to many studies, Sugar is one of the prime reasons for overweight Americas. Using a natural alternative like Monk Fruit will allow you to still enjoy the sweetness of sugar but less the guilt

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