Matcha Protein Chia Seed Pudding - Low Sugar, High Protein

Start your day on a healthy and vibrant note with this Creamy Matcha Protein Chia Seed Pudding. This dish contains nutritious ingredients such as chia seeds, milk, and matcha protein powder. We recommend this delightful pudding because it's delicious and provides a satisfying energy boost! It's optional but you can yoghurt, raspberries, coconut, or crunchy granola to your dish to enhance the flavors. Let's get into it!

Ingredients: For this Protein Matcha Chia Pudding:

Instructions for this Matcha Protein Chia Seed Pudding:

  1. Combine the chia seeds, milk, and Boba Matcha Protein Powder in a bowl. Mix well to combine all the ingredients. Then, let the mixture sit for  about 15 minutes. This is for the chia seeds to absorb liquid and thicken into a pudding texture.

  2. After thickening the chia pudding, it's time to assemble your parfait. Start by adding a chia seed protein mixture layer to the bottom of a dish, cup or serving container. Follow this with a layer of yoghurt; it really does create a beautiful contrast of textures/flavors and looks very aesthetically pleasing. Repeat the layers until your serving container or cup is full.

  3. Once you've layered, you can enhance the taste and aesthetic of the dish with fresh raspberries, coconut flakes and granola.

  4. Note: The longer the pudding sits in the fridge, the more the flavors meld together. Letting the pudding sit for up to an hour can enhance the taste and texture!
Once the Matcha Protein Chia Pudding has had time to rest, grab a spoon and enjoy the creamy and nutritious goodness. The combination of the creamy yoghurt, the earthy matcha, and the sweet-tart raspberries is incomparable to anything else! 

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