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“Always be Hustlin”

My name is Darryl and I am both an ethusiast of Bubble Tea & of Protein. I've always been curious on how I could bring some value into the world that would help more people. Fitness and Diet has always been my passion as it helped me achieve confidence and good health but I had a problem; I loved sugar - it's my guilty treat, whether it's a bag of Sour Patch Kids or a Boba Tea with friends. Slowly over time, I realized that I could not sustain my intake of sugar and started reading up on all the issues with it. This is when I decided I need to change things

Our Story

Growing up, I would remember the times I've spent gathering with friends at the local bubble tea shop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The taste, the sweetness and most importantly, the bond with friends that grew because of it. There was something refreshing and enjoyable about Boba Tea.

But with this new age of instant information available, you begin to think about your health and the effects that it has on your body. All I knew at the time was that it tasted good and it was a reason to meet with my friends. I ignored all the effects on my body and continued on my day.

I noticed more and more friends starting to slowly quitting or lessening their Boba Tea intake. I wondered why? But just like them, they were concerned about overly consuming sugar; thus the need for a healthier alternative.

Long story short, I dropped Boba Tea, we went on to healthier habits like going to the gym on a regular basis and started drinking protein shakes. That's when I started asking how can I combine the nutrition of an all natural protein shake with Boba Tea flavour; This is how Boba Nutrition was born.

I was no stranger to starting businesses as I had created 4 different businesses before. Each time I failed, I got up, I learnt and I became better. But this story is not just about me, it's about you too. You're here because you want to make better choices.

Boba Nutrition was created with you in mind. If you’re like me you’ve been going to get bubble tea regularly at your neighbourhood shop but you’ve been paying anywhere from $7-$10 per drink and it's FULL OF SUGAR. Boba Tea was not only unhealthy, it was expensive! After a long year of figuring out how to combine both, we finally came up with Boba Nutrition and Bubble Tea flavoured protein. Now you’ll be able to enjoy Boba Tea in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost with only healthy and organic ingredients.

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Combining Boba Tea & Protein is the Best of Both Worlds
- Darryl Lim


Tastes like Bubble Tea

We were tired of all the protein powder flavours on the market like Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, etc. So we made this asian infused flavour to break the mould

MORE Protein, LESS Carbs

Did you know most Boba Tea has an average of 40g of sugar and 240 calories? With Boba Nutrition Protein, there are 27g of Protein, 0gs of sugar and 124 calories per cup. Healthy and Tasty for you

No More Sugar Crashes

Because most Boba Tea is made with sugar, you will have elevated levels of blood sugar causing crashes. We’ve substituted the sugar with healthy alternatives so you can keep the taste but less the junk!

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