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Mehhh..didn't love it

I was really excited to try this one, but unfortunately it’s just not as good as I'd hoped. Definitely doesn't taste like Thai Tea whatsoever. I blend mine with ice and coconut milk, but it has a little bit of a perfume-like taste to it. But I will say it doesn't have the gross texture of many protein powders I've tried and it might be good with recipes. I really like the Viet Coffee though, and will probably try the Taro next.
Also, this might be something I overlooked completely but the BOBA IS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Amazing flavor!!

Always skeptical about buying new protein but this one tastes great AND mixes so well.

Mango protein

Texture is VERY creamy and smooth, and flavor is next-level. Feels like drinking a smoothie even though it’s healthy. Hoping they make a mango-lychee bundle soon!!

Finally got to try the flavors

Was waiting on the samples for so long to try the grate flavors and choose the ones i would like to repeat. Glad we now have the option.
Realized i liked the taro as well as vegan viet coffee flavors. So i can order the big packs without fear of the wasting.
Only complaint is that it did not cover all the flavors like new thai flavor or milk tea or boba sugar or mago. Would request the team to have other flavors also part of the flight box or may be have another box covering those flavors.
Also to give an option to choose without shaker as i have quite a few of them

Suprisingly Good

I was bit skeptical about how it will taste and how similar it will to be actual. Surprisingly it gives similar chewy feeling which we have with regular pearls. definitely would be ordering some more.

Matcha Protein Powder
Matcha Latte: Whey to Start Your Day!

Are you tired of your mornings feeling more "meh" than "matcha"? Say konnichiwa to a new dawn with Matcha Latte Whey Protein Powder! This delightful concoction has become my morning ritual. Matcha aficionados, rejoice! This protein powder captures the essence of a velvety matcha latte with impressive accuracy. It's a delicate balance of earthy green tea and creamy indulgence, making each sip a moment of pure bliss. No wonder this flavor is sold-out! If you're searching for a protein powder that not only fuels your body but also delights your taste buds, look no further than Matcha Latte Protein Powder.

Lychee Protein Powder
Tastes just like lychee!

I love lychee so having a tasty protein powder that tastes just like it is a dream come true. I also love that I can mix this with water and it tastes just as good for less calories!

Lychee Protein Powder
Katy Mills
Amazing taste!

It's definitely in the sweeter side but lychee is called candy fruit for a reason. I love making this for a sweet boba treat and I cannot wait to make an ice cream from this!

Love it !

Ube is my most favorite flavor for any dessert and the typical boba drinks is illegal for a person with insulin resistance like me . This protein mix ube flavor is the best ; i can’t taste the difference with a regular ube flavored drinks . I mix it with coconut milk and voila , i have the best sugar free ube ice cream!

Taro Protein Powder
Marnelli Hamilton

I love boba tea, but can't handle the sugar.

This taro milk tea fits in my macros and satisfies the craving for boba tea. This is MY DRINK going into the summer months!

Tasty Taro

I have tried a fair amount of protein powders. I’m also a lover of bubble tea so this seemed like a no brainer. Now, I will say I always blend my powder in a blender not blender bottle. Some can still have a chalky texture but this one does not at all. It’s very filling and I haven’t been heavily bloated like some powders have made me. I sometimes add some homemade cashew milk for an even creamier treat and it truly feels like just that, a treat. It is a sweeter taro than most tea I have tried, but not overwhelmingly so. I am excited to also try the Thai. My husband also loves this and is glad I got more than one bag. Winner in our house!

FINALLY!!! A Boba Taro version that's Whey Protein!

This is my second time ordering and enjoying Boba Nutrition's whey protein powder in the Taro flavor. I've always enjoyed the traditional bubble or Boba tea drinks, especially the Taro flavor. But the fact it has a very high sugar content was too much for me, especially being in my late 40s and just recently weight training and working out. Now that's there is a healthier version that tastes almost virtually the same, with 27g of protein, I'm hooked. Will definitely order more.

Vegan Taro Protein Powder
Great Vegan Protein Option!

Super happy I found this option. It's hard to find a good tasting vegan protein powder. Especially one that's not sweetened with artificial sweeteners, stevia, etc. I do find it a little on the sweet side, but that might just be my palate. I can lessen the sweetness by using less powder or more liquid. Love the taro flavor and planning to try the Matcha one next. Please make more vegan flavors!

Family Favorite

This Protein Powder tastes Amazing! The Taro flavor tastes like to Bubble Teas but without the fake artificial taste. This is how the Go To Protein Powder for the whole family since my kids love it so much!

Vegan Taro Protein Powder

I'm so glad I found Boba Nutrition! I love boba tea and it usually has a lot of sugar in it and leaves me with a sugar rush. This protein powder tastes splendidly sweet without actual added sugar. I'm
productive because of it. Monk fruit sweetener is the best. My mornings have improved with Boba Nutrition!

Honeydew Protein Powder
Cassi Archer
Love the Honeydew!!

The the honeydew taste just like the real thing! Not too sweet! The taro is my favorite!! I did order some of the kojac jellies and they were delicious but pretty pricey for the amount. But it totally checks the box for my boba cravings! It’s my daily treat post gym!

Delicious flavor

This was my first experience with Taro flavor. LOVED it! It was so refreshing after my workout. Felt like a guilty pleasure without being actually being one! Very pleased.

Taro Protein Powder
Kelsey Potter
Bodybuilder Approved Macros & Ingredients

First of all I’m a celiac bodybuilder so, my diet is pretty restrictive. But, the macros and ingredients on the Taro flavor are fantastic (my coach approaches it)! I just got my first bag and can I just say this scratched my boba itch. It is a little sweeter (you can taste the monk fruit but I don’t mind it) than I prefer but it’s not chalky and it tastes like Taro! I added some to plain nonfat greek yogurt with a little peanut butter and a pinch of salt - then stuck it in the freezer for an hour (trust the process). BOOM! Taro protein frozen yogurt!!! Anyway, long story short - I have two more bags of Taro coming to me. This will now be my personality & I will be trying more flavors 🥰

Matcha Protein Powder
Allie K
Great but some inconsistencies

I had purchased this protein powder twice - the first time it was very sweet, the second time it had no sweetness at all and I had to add honey to it. It’s good and I enjoy it but I don’t know how I feel about the inconsistency.


So it mixes well and it has great macros and actual caffeine. Little more or just as actual coffee . Definitely killed my bubble cravings and gives me a boost. But I can’t feel that it lacks a certain flavor. However I only drink with water no doubt with milk it’ll be 100x better. Other than that will definitely order again!


So it mixes well and it has great macros and actual caffeine. Little more or just as actual coffee . Definitely killed my bubble cravings and gives me a boost. But I can’t feel that it lacks a certain flavor. However I only drink with water no doubt with milk it’ll be 100x better. Other than that will definitely order again!

Honeydew Protein Powder

This powder is a lot better than I expected it tastes amazing and it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. I tend to prefer less thick and more smooth protein shakes however not a lot I can choose from when I look around, however this one looked promising and it met all my expectations and more. I expected there to be some downsides but there isn’t. I expected it to clump or have an odd after taste but it didn’t! Definitely will be buying again!


As someone who consumes 140+ grams of protein a day, it’s important to find a powder that tastes good. I’ve found a few good ones, but nothing like this! Not only is it extremely low in calories, (124 cal) and even higher than most protein powders for protein (27g), but it mixes with my almond milk so well that I can’t help but chug the whole thing upon taking the first sip 😅 I got the Taro one and I’ll be going right after this review to try another flavor. I’ve even put it in my smoothies, and protein pancakes. I’m obsessed with it! 1000% recommend!

Matcha Protein Powder
Maya Henderson
Great taste!

I have replaced my meal with this and I don’t feel hungry at all. I drink it slowly from about 10 or 11 am through lunch time and honestly don’t feel hungry at all. I mixed it with banana and either coconut milk or oat/almond milk! The great thing is, it taste amazing! I have been taking other protein shakes before and this is now my go-to protein drink! It’s boba-licious!!!

Super Taro and Viet Coffee Protein

Taro flavor is authentic and viet coffee goes well with real coffee (or by itself). Low sugar and tasty way to get protein requirements. Drink it everyday (sometimes 2 ;) )!!!