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The essence of coffee: bold, aromatic, and undeniably captivating.

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    • • Our  Bubble Tea Flavoured Vegan Taro Protein Powder taste just like your childhood drink but without all the added junk and of course it's plant-based! It’s easy to see why this drink is catching the attention of bubble tea lovers everywhere.
    • • We took everything you loved from a Taro Latte Bubble Tea and removed all of the excess sugar and dairy and replaced it with a healthy alternative. We ended up producing a rich and delicious Bubble Milk tea flavoured protein that makes you enjoy sip - guilt-free.
    • • 2lbs and 26 servings in each bag

      • 26 Servings
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This formula is Dairy & Nut Free. Produced in a facility that processes milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, sulphites, sesame and seafood. Not meant for children, pregnant or breast feeding women or those who have health conditions










We were tired of all the protein powder flavours on the market like Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, etc. So we made this asian infused flavor to break the status quo


Did you know most Boba Tea has an average of 40g of sugar and 240 calories? With Boba Nutrition Protein, there are 24g of Protein, 0gs of sugar and 124 calories per cup. Healthy and Tasty for you


Most Boba Tea is made with sugar. As a result of drinking a cup full of sugar, you'll come down and crash. We've replaced sugar with monk fruit to ensure there's a natural sweetness and no crash.

How Boba Nutrition Compares to Traditional Boba Tea

Table header 0Boba NutritionRegular Boba Tea



Plant-based Protein does not contain any dairy. Dairy is a very common food sensitivity. According to World Population View, 1 in 6 people are lactose intolerant and avoid dairy in their diets. Whether you are choosing a plant-based protein due to dietary restraints, personal preferences or fitness goals this option is available for you.


Our plant-based protein uses all-natural ingredients which are full of nutrients to fuel your day with no artificial flavours or sugar. With 21g of Pea Protein per serving our protein will help in maintaining, repairing, and protecting lean muscle tissue.

Vegan Protein compared to Whey Protein:Just because it is vegan does not mean you are missing out on anything. According to a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that vegetarian protein is just as beneficial for muscle mass and strength as animal protein.


According to an article by food unfolded plant-based protein supplements are likely to be the more sustainable choice in the long term.


Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Great Vegan Protein Option!

Super happy I found this option. It's hard to find a good tasting vegan protein powder. Especially one that's not sweetened with artificial sweeteners, stevia, etc. I do find it a little on the sweet side, but that might just be my palate. I can lessen the sweetness by using less powder or more liquid. Love the taro flavor and planning to try the Matcha one next. Please make more vegan flavors!


I'm so glad I found Boba Nutrition! I love boba tea and it usually has a lot of sugar in it and leaves me with a sugar rush. This protein powder tastes splendidly sweet without actual added sugar. I'm
productive because of it. Monk fruit sweetener is the best. My mornings have improved with Boba Nutrition!

Let it sit

This has a much stronger taro flavor if you let it sit for a few minutes after mixing into whatever. If you drink or eat it immediately after mixing, it tastes just like plain ol' vanilla. I was disappointed until I let it sit and discovered this. It's great mixed with a milk alternative as a shake, in a smoothie or in oatmeal. I haven't explored any other ways to consume it yet. I love the amount of protein you get in one scoop!

Devon Stanley
Taro Vegan Protein

The Taro Vegan Protein tastes really good and has great nutritional value! I’m excited to try other flavors and hope they offer more vegan flavors in the future.

The only downside is that it smells pretty bad and getting a whiff while drinking can sometimes be a turnoff.

Matcha and Taro are Outstanding

Great flavors. They pair well with any liquid. I've tried both non-fat milk and almond milk and they taste nearly the same. No more fear about having to use a calorie dense liquid to achieve flavor.

Janelle Grant
Taro without all the carbs

When I had initially tried getting my hands on a bag of this protein, the regular one had sold out shortly after launch. I saw that there was another pouch available, but I didn't realize it was the vegan protein. I'm glad that that's what I ended up with, because u do prefer the vegan proteins over the whey. This mixes well with either your favorite plant based milk or water, ans I've found that I'm fine with just the water. It has a nice consistency and goes down smooth, and it doesn't feel chalky at all. It keeps me satisfied without all the empty carbs, and I'm actually a bit upset that I'll be running out very soon. I just purchased some unsweetned aloe jelly bites to add, so I can't wait to see how that turns out.

Justin Villarreal
Simply the best!

So I’ve tried both whey and vegan taro and I like them both but I prefer the taste of vegan. It’s my favorite protein and I’m drinking it every day!!

Eric hong
Vegan Taro Protein

I’m gluten and dairy intolerant so I had been consuming flavorless pea protein for the past 3 years. As you could expect, putting down a bottle of it once or twice a day was a tough task. I also don’t do well with sucralose, so lots of other pea protein powders wouldn’t work for me.
The vegan taro protein is sweetened by monk fruit and I’ve found it extremely satisfying to drink!
Id highly recommend this for vegan protein lovers!

Ivan Zhu

mixes well

Liria Saucedo
Tastes good smells weird

Loved the taste of the boba protein taro flavor. I just didn’t love the smell. I liked that it didn’t make me feel bloated like some other protein powder. The lonjas pearls were my favorite!!! I would order those again and again!

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Protein Products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility.


Protein Products are manufactured in a Health Canada site licensed facility.

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No it does not. We have Raw Tapioca Pearls for sale which are the original. We will work on a healthier option in the near future.

According to many studies, Sugar is one of the prime reasons for overweight Americas. Using a natural alternative like Monk Fruit will allow you to still enjoy the sweetness of sugar but less the guilt

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