5 Reasons Why Thousands of Boba Tea Lovers Are Switching To The Boba Nutrition

5 Reasons Why Thousand of Boba Tea Lovers are Switch To Boba Nutrition

Person scooping powder from a BOBA Nutrition bag into a shaker cup.

1. Drink Boba Tea every day

Drinking Boba Tea is definitely not recommened with all the sugar and fillers like non dairy creamer. We made an all natural alternative made with monk fruit to give you your treat back except this time it's good for you!

Three bags of Boba Nutrition protein powders with corresponding flavored drinks and ingredients beside each.

2. Sigifnicant Cost Savings

Normally a boba tea is about $7 per serving. With Boba Nutrition, each drink is $2 per serving so you're saving money by making your own at home

Smiling woman holding a package of Boba Nutrition Taro-flavored product outdoors.

3. Thousands of happy customers

25000+ customers and testimonials like "I should've switcher sooner" mean we don't just think you'll love Boba Nutrition — we know it.

Protein powder package branded 'BOBA Nutrition Thai Tea' next to a cup of prepared drink.

4. All the Boba Tea, less the Sugar

Most Boba Tea is filled with sugar, we used monk fruit as our all natural sweetener so you can have a guilt free Boba Tea

Man holding a shaker bottle in a modern kitchen.

5. Have your Boba and drink it

We've heard from you and you said it's not a boba without your pearls. So we now supply low calorie konjac pearls that are a small fraction of the calories and carbs of normal boba tea pearls

A package of BOBA Nutrition Taro flavored whey protein with a pink scoop.

25000+ Boba Nu Customers

Hear From Other Boba Nutrition Customers

I love boba tea, but can't handle the sugar.

This taro milk tea fits in my macros and satisfies the craving for boba tea. This is MY DRINK going into the summer months!

Marnelli H.

This was my first experience with Taro flavor. LOVED it! It was so refreshing after my workout. Felt like a guilty pleasure without being actually being one! Very pleased.

Lisa P.

I love the Taro Boba Nutrition. This is a delicious protein drink. I tried it with milk. It is not too thick or powdery. I will definitely be continue purchasing this product. Well worth the money.

Alexandra N.

I love the simplicy of this little wallet. I only carry what I actually use without all the other crap that ends up in my trifold.

The taste is very light, not heavy like alot of protein powders. Really have enjoyed it.

Doreena B.

25000+ Customers Served

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