Boba Nutrition Protein Shaker Cup

Drink out of one our leak-proof cups. Ready to go anywhere on the Road

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Product Description

Boba Nutrition Protein Shaker Cup: Your Perfect Workout Companion!

Tired of protein shakes that are lumpy and clumpy? Say goodbye to those days and hello to the Boba Nutrition Protein Shaker Cup during your next workout! Designed as a one-of-a-kind shaker, it aims to enhance your workout experience by simplifying the enjoyment of delicious, smooth protein shakes like never before.

What distinguishes the Boba Nutrition Protein Shaker cup? For starters, its unique mixing technology guarantees that your protein powder is completely dissolved, resulting in a silky-smooth shake every time. No more bothersome pieces or powdery residue!

But that isn't all. This shaker cup is also leak-proof, so you can throw it in your workout bag without worrying about spills. Additionally, high-quality, BPA-free materials compose it, making it sturdy and easy to clean.

The Boba Nutrition Protein Shaker Cup is a must-have accessory whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness path. Choose from a variety of fashionable hues to enhance your training experience today! More about Boba Tumbler Cup

Don't skimp on the flavor of your shakes. With each drink of the Boba Nutrition Protein Shaker, you'll be getting perfectly blended protein goodness. Order yours today and start working towards your fitness goals!

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  • • Leak Proof: Screw on the lid with a leak-proof seal for when you shake your Boba Protein shakes. 
  • • Convenient Loop: Added loop for easy carrying and adding your keys to
  • • Branding: Image of Boba Nutrition logo to represent your favourite small business
  • • Transparent: See through so you can let everyone know you're drinking a healthy Bubble tea with pearls
  • • Size: 600mL

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristie Burkhardsmeier
Shaker cup

This cup works great. Lid stays locked when shaking and mixes the mix great. I purchased 2 one for the house and one for work.

Mae Tang
Nice sized cup!

I love this cup- it mixes the powder great, nice simple and durable design, and also great to help me keep track of how much liquid I drink. Def would recommend!

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